Stor pågang i Offentlig elektronisk postjournal
De siste dagene har antallet innsynskrav gjennom Offentlig elektronisk postjournal (OEP) normalisert seg. Derfor fjerner Difi den tekniske begrensningen på ti dokumenter per innsynskrav.

Difi følger utviklingen nøye. Vi vil vurdere tiltak fortløpende om situasjonen endrer seg.
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Welcome to Electronic Public Records

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About OEP

Electronic Public Records (OEP) is a collaborative tool which central government agencies use to publicise their public records online. Public record data is stored in a searchable database. Users can search this database to locate case documents relevant to their field of interest. Having located relevant case documents, users may submit requests to view these.

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OEP allows you to make requests to view documents from ministries and public agencies. The right to view and duty to publicise information online is set forth in the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, there are a number of laws and regulations which regulate the right to access information and how to process requests to view case documents. Below is a list of relevant laws and regulations.

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On the statistics page you will find useful information about OEP, such as when each agency made their last journal delivery and which cases that receives the most requests for access.

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